Eye Treatments

The perfect treatment to darken and thicken the eye lashes. Highly recommended to have before a holiday so that you can forget about the mascara and still have amazing eyes. This treatment includes a relaxing scalp massage while the tint is taking.

Eyelash Tint

  • 20mins £12.50

Eyebrow Tint*

The perfect treatment to give definition to the eyebrows and to darken any fair hairs.

  • 15mins £8.25

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint*

Both treatments give fantastic results which can instantly change your looks.

  • 30mins £17.00

Eyebrow Tidy and Eyebrow Tint*

  • 15mins £14.50

Eyebrow Shape and Eyebrow Tint*

  • 20mins £17.00

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and Eyebrow Tidy*

  • 30mins £22.50

*A skin test is required 48 hours before your first